App Making Course (Ages 9-15)
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App Making Course (Ages 9-15)


In this course, students will start with learning what’s inside a mobile phone and the different kinds of mobile apps and their uses. They will learn to build fully functional apps for Android smartphones starting from simple ones that play sound/image or doodling app or convert text to voice. They will use a phone’s GPS or sensors to make apps that work with location. Some apps will be made using web data, parsing it and displaying it as smart graphs & charts.

App Making is a practical way to learn Coding, where children don't just write code for the sake of learning, but there is an interesting output in the form of an app, at the end of each lesson. Students can make apps and even publish in the Google Play store.

COURSE FEE: Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced Level: Rs 9500/ level of 16 sessions each. Each session is of 1 hour each.


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